Switch Sides (prod. Rel​!​g​!​0n)

from by Shai Mate



Im back on my shit

I was right but she left when it panned out
Didnt wanna hang with what I harnessed it was tandum
My love was like lottery ticket but when it ran out
It made me take a seat for a minute I couldnt stand em
Plans of us tryna run things
So we ran sums of ransome
Our passion was the back drop
Filling the place for a packed spot
Really just tryna stack quap
Riding on the train until the last stop
Mad props awarded but no calls recorded
Longing for her like I got deported
Right from the jump shots like Jordan
Were taken forming and informing
The same informants that were not as dormant
That is not my women
Its seems that love has gotten foreign
God has forces been forgotten that I have gotten for em
So I pray to concur courses
Keep the cost accordingly realistic
And youll meet her when the stock is gowing
Hold up


Now as of recently
I see that beauty truely lies in the eyes of the beholder
People successful will tell you
On piece of advice to live by is go for it
Whether that be a person or ethic to live by
Constantly expressing your inside
Elevate your presence till you essence is inside
Heavens gates so when you die you dont even switch sides

Cause right now I feel broke like a condom
I consume my constant aint a costume
The definition of real but when I lost you
My perspective rearranged my spectrum
Of view to persue the things I must do
Out the blue like a clue you must adjust to
The process of progress
And context of content is key when your locked in the closet
Im pushing like Im in labor
Cooking and I can cater
Put my hood on first then put it down for my neighbours
The flavor switches
Created just to save the business
It takes a minute to create it but a day to fix it
Thats the reason that im tryna make it clear
When your feeling discouraged its important just to persevere
Cause in a year you might be be the man
Think happy thoughts and fly like Peter Pan
Keep a plan that you plan on acting out
My brain is heavy and I plan on maxing out
I know Im ready so in fact Im smacking out
All these rappers tryna swing a rap like Pacquiao



from Take Control, released April 29, 2014
Switch Sides (prod. Rel!g!0n)

Produced by: Hayden Baptiste
Additional DJ cuts by: G Swift
Written and performed: Shai Mate
Recorded by: Hayden Baptiste @Wondering Worx Studios



all rights reserved


Shai Mate Vancouver, British Columbia

Shai Mate grew up in Vancouver and was always surrounded by music like The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Abba, Michael Jackson, The beach boys etc. Lauryn Hill and Big L have become huge influences in his sound as of recent. He has begun to adopt Lauryn's expressiveness while incorporating Big L like flows. In the last 6 months Shai has grown immensely and Take Control is an amalgamation of that. ... more

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