Shaky ft. Amy McCartie (prod. Willie Sacks)

from by Shai Mate



Amy McCartie:

Trust is all you have
You must sweat to barely stand

Shai Mate:

Shai Mate

The road Im on is shaky and weighing kinda heavy
Pouring out your expression like its some kind of levee
Reaction and frustration Im staying kinda steady
Keeping focus is hard getting money in my mind already
Hidden dream and nightmares of me topping charts
In school with indivisuals saying that they're not the star
But Ill be honest that truth is not the same for me
Im walking blind like Stevie and its an unlit street
But Ima shine and light it up in entirety
Not glass pipes that process is getting tiring
The industry is the epitome of false perception
Like computer system viewing needing rewiring
Finally Im at a point Im feeling comfortable
But what is comfort thats why Im feeling reluctant though
Wonderwalls the building blocks to a new Oasis
To fill the spot imagine yourself as Killa Cam
On the block and failing but your still the man
Noone can tell you what you will or what you wont do
If you believe the bullshit they think you wont prove
The doubt will wrap its hand around your neck and choke you

CHORUS: Amy McCartie

Trust is all you have
You must sweat to barely stand
Take your mind out the realm of reality
And dream bigger for all your plans

Trust is all you have
You must sweat to barely stand
Take your mind out the realm of reality
And dream bigger for all your plans

No distractions overreactions
Over attraction of staying home and relaxing
Going through the motions your emtion and passion
Holding you back critisizing debating and lashing out
At the people that is passing you
Irrational wack rappers going national
Imagine those bigger dreams getting tangible
An antidote eating poets like a cannibal
An animal by nature
No time waster
Darth Mall of rap whipping both light sabers like a boomerang
Like I was a jedi
I bet I will profit from being a prophet probably the debt I owe will get paid
Roads will get paved
Thrones will get filled
And shows will get played
So when your thinking your close your head weighs heavy
Heavy enough to get buff and get praised for it
Laid for it working as I wait for it
To be a boss forever and never take orders
Like the weather you never change for it
You gotta cloud your demons to get the rain pouring



from Take Control, released April 29, 2014
Skaky ft. Amy McCartie (prod. Willie Sacks)

Produced by: Willie Sacks
Written and performed by: Shai Mate and Amy McCartie
Recorded by: Shai Mate and Willie Sacks @Nimbus School Of Recording Arts and @Project Renaissance



all rights reserved


Shai Mate Vancouver, British Columbia

Shai Mate grew up in Vancouver and was always surrounded by music like The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Abba, Michael Jackson, The beach boys etc. Lauryn Hill and Big L have become huge influences in his sound as of recent. He has begun to adopt Lauryn's expressiveness while incorporating Big L like flows. In the last 6 months Shai has grown immensely and Take Control is an amalgamation of that. ... more

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