In Its Purest Form (Interlude)

from by Shai Mate



Blaten Distraction resurrects love in its purest form
A certain swarm of deviated emotions cause decietful intention when the earth is torn
But of course this would be the outcome
If everything happens for a reason I feel thoughts are simply holes to pull out from
How come the she feels dosent realign with the tasset complicity my heart throbs with
Im not Robbin nor am I Batman
Im an outlandish metaphor for the true processes by which continuous pain divides from
Metamorphasis cant come from manipulation or fountains
Containing the purpose of love extensions of us will forever live through our music
Use this an a message deflecting commercial appeal with shear expression of inconspicuous uses
My genuine contention of the intentions of the planet
Force intellectual havoc on those who cant grasp it
Multifaceted indivisualistic artists result in the manifestation of confliction markets
But for out thou even Shakespeare cant compare
Psychopathic personalites hold vengeance on those physchiatric canopies housing regular people
The death of biased religious tendancies are the rash actions moved by capitalistic remedies
When we see the forsight painted in the clouds it will conclude the pain relying on our animalistic valves
Only a specific human being can articulate the inner feelings of a culture
It may not be fair for me to say this
But this is my only and primary concern

Ill miss you


from Take Control, released April 29, 2014
In Its Purest Form (Interlude)

Produced by: Shai Mate and Matt Mills
Written and performed by: Shai Mate
Recorded by: Shai Mate @Project Renaissance



all rights reserved


Shai Mate Vancouver, British Columbia

Shai Mate grew up in Vancouver and was always surrounded by music like The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Abba, Michael Jackson, The beach boys etc. Lauryn Hill and Big L have become huge influences in his sound as of recent. He has begun to adopt Lauryn's expressiveness while incorporating Big L like flows. In the last 6 months Shai has grown immensely and Take Control is an amalgamation of that. ... more

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