Exponential Growth ft. Evil Ebenezer (prod. Chin Injeti)

from by Shai Mate




Capabilities got me stuck
Creative willingness causing cuts up in the record
And Im changing my sector when Im making my treasure
Like a pirate Im twice as violent
Not smoking no earb but I like the violet
Aside from silence my mind is blinded
I assign assignments
An insane asylum is inside this island of thought
Open up the realistate that I bought
And open up the realest state of my thought
There aint no real debate to my thought
Cause this is concrete
Pom trees on a boulevard of broke lost dreams
Stay strapped like its a car seat
In the back seat of an RV
Who is driving
You choose the pilot
You take control then you choose the riders
You choose the writers you choose the riders
It might be wrong but you choose what right is
I might be wrong but my music's guiding me and my direction
My connection feel my intention
Mark the game my stain means
Im bout to make this shit mainstream
Im bout to make it go HD
I mac and screen like Im HP
For your to go corporate
Dont let it happen just force it
Be a jedi Star Wars it
Be as real as you to the core of it

CHORUS: Evil Ebenezer

What goes up must come down
And this world keeps spinning round
I gotta keep rolling
Windows open
Im gonna live my life

What goes up must come down
And this world keeps spinning round
I gotta keep rolling
Windows open
Im gonna live my life
Live my life

Openness dominate my brain
Opiates over take my pain
Copius amounts is making me go another route
And basically soaking up my doubt
To the point Im employed by the joy by catching all the clout
Im the best lyricist in the city when the sticky rolled
And I smoke it dont come out
Not to be disrespectful
Productivities exponential
Conducting a beat mix and send those
It got me on the grid picked up my tempo
Truth is we need a brand new temple
A new messiah to pop the pimple
A new Goliath to fall right into
A new David just to rock a ginsu
Cant know what the fuck I been through
Internal conflict a problemed Hindu
Should I sacrafice myself
Or should I castrasize my health
Or should I actualize my wealth
These are the lessons
But to properly answer what you want you gotta ask all the right questions
In motion now
Usain like a Bolt when I hold it down
Hssein's bout to bolt so we hold em down
Like Jurassic Five why is the oil whats golden now
Why were you put on this earth
Whats your purpose here to serve
How come you only observe
Flap your wings and fly like a bird



Coming down from your high
Knowledge pussy and cocaine for the wise
Your bestfriends will stick a needle in your eye
So dont trust confide in noone but you

In noone but you



from Take Control, released April 29, 2014
Exponential Growth ft. Evil Ebenezer (prod. Chin Injeti)
Produced by: Chin Injeti and Issey Lamb
Additional drum programming: Issey Lamb
Written and performed by: Shai Mate and Evil Ebenezer
Recorded by: Shai Mate @Project Renaissance



all rights reserved


Shai Mate Vancouver, British Columbia

Shai Mate grew up in Vancouver and was always surrounded by music like The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Abba, Michael Jackson, The beach boys etc. Lauryn Hill and Big L have become huge influences in his sound as of recent. He has begun to adopt Lauryn's expressiveness while incorporating Big L like flows. In the last 6 months Shai has grown immensely and Take Control is an amalgamation of that. ... more

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